Hello! My name is Jorge, and I am the founder of Easy Transfer Ericeira. My story of overcoming obstacles is what inspires me to offer the best possible transport service for people. Before creating our company, I faced many obstacles and challenges. But I never gave up on my dream of making people’s lives easier and more convenient.

Today, we proudly offer quality transfer/tour services with experienced and responsible drivers. No need to worry about driving or finding parking, just sit back and enjoy your journey. Get in touch with us and book your Transfer or Tour now. We are fully available to help you with whatever you need! Join our family of satisfied customers

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Our differences

The advantage of hiring us

Increase your business revenue

Through automated processes with email scripts and a process of single configuration

Custom Panel

Allowing hotels to easily control and view all information related to customer transfers and tours.

Transfer service with the best cost-benefit ratio on the market

With prices significantly lower than the €65 per trip average of competing companies.

Ecological fleet of vehicles powered by LPG

Resulting in higher profit margins and lower environmental impact.

Wide range of vehicles including VIP cars

Standard cars, vans, minibuses and buses.

English-speaking team

For efficient and friendly communication

Pet and surfboard transport available

An extra service not offered by traditional taxi or Uber companies.

Service Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

And knowledge of local tourist areas.

Reliable service reflected in over 300 5-Star reviews

on Google Business and Facebook.

Acceptance of all types of payment.

Knowledge of local tourist areas.

Who Trust Us

Our differences

See our customer reviews below

Edit Horvath
Edit Horvath
Very good service! The communication with them was very easy and the car came right on time. My rider was David, he was very friendly, even gave me good tips what worth checking in Lisbon. Highly recommend them!
Witold Strzępa
Witold Strzępa
Thank You David 👊🏻
Denise Bulacher
Denise Bulacher
reliable friendly transfer
Marco Wohlgemuth
Marco Wohlgemuth
Everything worked very well and we had a good conversation trough the drive. Can only recommend!
Jan Z.
Jan Z.
We had a great experience! The transfer was very reliable, easily accessible and very friendly.. thanks guys
Aleks Macura
Aleks Macura
He was right on time and easy to find. The communication before arrival was also great. After the drop off we even received a bunch of restaurant recommendations! Just a great experience!
Nicole Hickstein
Nicole Hickstein
Danke! Afonso hatte Dank Flugnummer meine Flugverspätung sofort im Blick und hat zuverlässig auf mich gewartet. Die Fahrt war angenehm, der Preis sehr fair. Gerne wieder und absolut zu empfehlen!!

Calculate your revenue

Expected monthly and annual billing in commissions with partnership.

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Comissao media mensal
Comissao media anual

Check out the services we offer

The advantage of hiring us


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€ 10

Value for partner

€ 50

Value for customer

€ 40

Value Easy Transfer


This plan can be designed to meet the needs of customers looking for a more personalized transport solution, with some additional options and features.

€ 11

Value for partner

€ 55

Value for customer

€ 44

Value Easy Transfer


This plan can be designed to meet the needs of customers looking for a high-quality, personalized transport solution, with additional features such as a butler service, beverage service and a luxury car.

€ 12

Value for partner

€ 60

Value for customer

€ 48

Value Easy Transfer


This plan can be designed to meet the needs of companies seeking customized corporate transport solutions for their customers. May include additional features such as personalized service, detailed expense reports and other value-added features.

€ 18

Value for partner

€ 70

Value for customer

€ 52

Value Easy Transfer

These values ​​are flexible and depend on the location of the Hotel/Hostel or Accommodation.

Vans, tours, mini buses, buses.
Fixed commission value at 15% non-negotiable.
Understand which services in this range are most interested in by the type of customer you have and define values ​​based on them.

*For Hotel the fixed commission of 20%

Evening hours 8:00 pm to 8:00 am

*Customers arriving at the location after 20:00h are charged the nightly rate, even if they leave for example at 19:30h

Child seay

€ 3


€ 3


€ 10

Extra Insurance

€ 10

Payment plans

See our available payment plans

Option 1

The person in charge can choose to receive payment from the customer directly at the accommodation, after completing the transfer service. In this case, the customer will be directed to the website and will have the option of selecting the “pay at reception” option when completing the form. The person in charge must pay the accumulated amount referring to the transfer services of the previous week, without including the 23% VAT rate on the total amount, every Monday.

Option 2

Easy Transfer will receive the total amount for the transfer service, including the commission, directly from the customer on the website. Every fortnight, Easy Transfer will be responsible for paying the total accumulated amount of commissions referring to the same accommodation in the last 15 days. Easy Transfer will assume the full VAT amount, including the 6% rate.

Option 3

A Easy Transfer receberá o valor total referente ao serviço de transferência, incluindo a comissão, diretamente do cliente no website. A cada 30 dias, a Easy Transfer será responsável por pagar o valor total acumulado de comissões referente ao mesmo alojamento do mês anterior. A Easy Transfer assumirá o valor total referente ao IVA, incluindo a taxa de 6%.

Explore our Fleet






Volvo V6

Tesla Model Y

Fiat Tipo Station

Mercerdes s400

Mercerdes VITO

Mercerdes Sprinter Minbus

Citroen Space Tourer

Peugeot E- Traveler

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

Renault Grand Scenic

Seat Leon

Porsche Panamera



How the exclusive partnership works

Easy Transfer Ericeira, a company that offers transfer services between the airport and Ericeira, propose a mutually beneficial business partnership. Our company offers airport transfers starting at €40 and we would like to offer your hostel the opportunity to include this service with your accommodation at a fair and competitive price for your customers.


By partnering with us, your accommodation can offer a convenient and valuable service to your guests, while also increasing your profit margin. We are willing to adjust our rates based on the prices your hostel chooses to charge for the transfer service, with a fixed 20% commission rate (negotiable).


Booking can be done through your website or by creating an accommodation + transfer package included.

Practical example

Step 1

Rick and his family, American tourists, decided to spend 1 week on vacation in Ericeira and chose Hotel xxx as their preference, having made their reservation through the “Booking.com” platform. After booking, Rick receives an automatic email confirming the stay, which also contains our text with the Transfers/Tours we have available. As Rick and the family come to discover Portugal, they will soon see a convenient, easy and quality-assured opportunity to enjoy different areas of Portugal and head to the hotel knowing that someone will be waiting for them the moment they land.

Step 2

Rick clicks on the link that we indicated in the automatic email and that will open a landing page where he will be able to schedule the Tours or transfers he wants for his week of vacation. The booking confirmation will be sent to Rick, and the hotel xxx will receive the notification on a Dashboard shared with us, which will have all the important information, including the amount of the customer referral commission. In this way, hotel xxx made a sale without any costs and automatically.

Step 3

This can be applied to all platforms used by the establishment, whether booking.com, airbnb or another OTA, where they also include accommodation packages + round trip transfers + tours, thus increasing the number of services available and their convenience . If the customer does not make an appointment through the hostel, we have also developed a guide for the receptionists to sell the return transfer as well as the tours. When the customer checks in, we also have a poster with a very large QR code, which directs the customer to the landing page (white label) that will be placed at the Hotel Reception with the services we offer.

I want a partnership of success

Safe, reliable, and always on time, Easy Transfer is the way to ride.


Easy Transfer Ericeira

R. Prudêncio Franco da Trindade 4, 2655-344 – Ericeira

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